Key Features of Good essay

Features of a Good essay

A whole lot of people really don’t know what the key features of a good essay are or how one can make an essay look good in the eyes of the reader. In the following lines you will get to know about all the key features of a good essay.

Well researched

One of the most important features of a good essay is that it should be well researched, and this is because if your essay is not well researched than in no way you would be able to provide the in depth information that your reader is looking for. Hence it is very important that your essay should be well researched.


Everyone makes mistake while writing even if he doesn’t realize it at the time of writing. If you are going to write a professional essay than it is a common thing that it would have some slips or errors at one place or the other. It is important to proofread the essay in order to overcome all the slips and errors at the end.

Grammatically perfect

Besides other things, a good essay is always grammatically perfect! Make sure you don’t make any grammatical error or sentence structure error when writing an essay; as if you do it you will surely lose the respect in the eyes of the reader.

Free from fluff and fillers

We all know an essay should be at least or around 5000 words and most of us end up in adding fillers and fluff words in order to complete the word count. These fillers and fluff words are surely effective when it comes to completing the word count, but it greatly reduces the quality of an essay, so they should be avoided.

Citations and references from reliable sources

It is really very important that all the citations, quotations, references and statements that you are adding in your essay should be from the reliable sources.

Should follow all the rules and regulations

Last but not the least a good essay always follows all the rules and regulations of an essay, so that it will look professional.

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